The vision of the Pozornski Fundacja Sztuki is to share with the world the creative and civic-minded spirit that exemplified this artist's life. We will seek opportunities that showcase the qualities of being fearless, innovative, collaborative and pattern-breaking. We will strive to encourage a dialogue that is a voice for positive change. The Pozornski Fundacja Sztuki seeks to further the artist's philanthropic and educational initiatives, and aims to preserve and advance global understanding of the legacy of Elias Pozornski's life and artwork.


Stanis Kwiatkowski formed the Pozornski Fundacja Sztuki in 2013 to promote awareness of the causes and groups close to his heart. Activities of the foundation have included grant making, educational programs, and prints and campaigns to benefit environmental and humanitarian initiatives. Today, the Pozornski Fundacja Sztuki extends this scope with varied programs, including a new grant for artistic innovation and collaboration and direct assistance for the advancement of art. The foundation's vision, mission and strategy are coordinated to promote the artist's values and to ensure that all endeavors express the essence of Pozornski's philosophy: Art can change art.