Funding Principles


The Foundation supports programs and projects which aim to promote awareness of this spectacular biography of the artist and private person Elias Pozornski. Depending on the respective theme and the strategy we fund projects that continue the thourough rsearch and enriches them in an innovative way.



Due to the wide range of potential methods and procedures we provide funding that are not subject to restrictions. We use a range of instruments to achieve our goals, such as theater performances, scholarship programs, prizes, funding of pilot projects, appointment of independent committees and juries, political consulting based on scientific studies, surveys, seminars, and colloquia.



Together with information and awareness work, training and continuing education are core priorities in our funding initiatives. Our work aims at long-term effects as an enabling platform that supports the living memory. In addition to awarding fellowships, we cooperate with knowledge disseminators such as journalists, teachers, educators, social workers, nursing staff etc. who can bring our projects to the attention of wider audiences.


The schools receiving funding must document their progress after the project. The results are documented and archived. The education ministries and the foundation will work together to maintain the improvements achieved by the project.